About Blue Falcon

"Blue Falcon" started off as Logan's brain child and eventually became more once he roped five highly talented and skilled people into his young start-up company. That founding team is, without question, one of the most versatile ever to work on a pen and paper title. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from science to arts, each member exhibits a high amount of creativity and equal amounts of intelligence. That creativity is fostered through the friendships between these partners, making the work floor a unique experience where members can truly speak their mind. Does that put the friendship under stress? Sometimes, but that's what we have Nerf Wars for.

The members of "Blue Falcon" are all unique and smart, not in the brilliant way of Einstein, but in the savvy manner of Feynman. The company's strength relies on the diversity of its people, in terms of education, background and age. No one works alone on an island, instead everybody works interdisciplinary. This stimulates the kind of unique thinking that a company like "Blue Falcon" wants to advertise.

Currently, "Blue Falcon" is working on the development of "The Coalition", the intellectual property that will inform future products, like the attached 'Pen and Paper' game. A very modern take on a new product, "The Coalition" aims to be a highly adaptable tabletop RPG, focusing on player choice and freedom and the power of RolePlay itself. With a unique pre-dystopian cyberpunk space opera setting, "Blue Falcon" aims to create a game that can be enjoyed by almost any type of player.

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Blue Falcon
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Who are we?

Logan van Steenderen

I'm Logan, 29 years old and I started this company to help my vision of a Science-focused Sci-Fi Cyberpunk world get brought to life. I work hard on making sure that everyone here does the best job, professionally and creatively. Like most people, I've lead a tumultuous life with many experiences and I hope that I can show you some of the ways I view the world through "The Coalition" and the products that follow.

Mendel Bouman

A creative jack of all trades, professionally active as an entrepreneur running several companies and always on the lookout for a new challenge. Aiming to prove that you can do so much more, if you just try. Showing that life is not so difficult as people think it is. A creative multi-specialist with his own unique, stubborn, and insightful views on problems, everyday topics, and interesting subjects.

Cesco Homminga
Gameplay Developer

Groninger, musician, dude, narcissist, social animal, weirdo, dungeon master, teacher, nerd. I’ve been called many things the past couple of years, but Game Developer is definitely something I have to get used to. Gaming has always been a big part of my free time, the other being music. In the last year of my studies at the Conservatory I decided that if I could turn one of my hobbies into my job, why not both? And, at Blue Falcon I can put my nit-picking for rules, love for role-playing and world-building and my creativity to great use!

Ite Teune
Senior Biology Scientist

My name is Ite Teune, biochemical scientist, science teacher, husband, totally a dad now, amateur musician, full-time geek, part-time gamer, and professional dreamer. I joined the Coalition team one year ago because this work enables me to combine my love for science, fiction, and science-fiction with the opportunity to make something unique and wonderful that will hopefully set the standard for science-fiction pen and paper role playing games for years to come. I like to put the best part of myself, like biochemical knowledge and all other kinds of strange factoids, into this game, making it something that everyone can be amazed at.

Pieter van Vliet
Senior Physics Scientist

A 20-year-old student of Theoretical Physics, I joined this world-building endeavor a year ago because I liked the idea of applying my scientific knowledge, and because of my love for Pen and Paper games. Besides a physicist, I am an ardent pianist and music lover, theater fanatic and a nerd. Writing stories and building worlds has long been my interest, and now, the time has come to make a wonderful idea into reality. We have already come a long way, and it is nice to see things you have created come to life.

René Ceuleers
Senior Art Director

Older than I look, and coming from a million nationalities, I’m the pen behind the brains in this extremely creative workplace. I make sure that every idea is pulled from their heads and that I get them onto a paper. Originally a freelancer and extensive self-promoter, meeting Logan and sticking to him shows that hanging on gets you places. Just make sure they know how great you will make them.