Meet the Grenn Centurion

BY bluefalcon_admin

July 12th, 2017

Grenn Centurions are designed and bred as commanders

I’m writing this down because to this day, I can’t believe it happened. Like in any Unicity, a large part of our population is Grenn. They live among us, because like most cities, we revolted, or our corporations got out of line, or any of the other various reasons the Coalition can find to send in their armies of bugs. And then they have to integrate and live among us. And it’s never easy. I lived in a nice city block. It had a few office buildings but mostly housing for families. And every day, as I watered my plants, this gigantic Grenn Centurion would walk by in their dress shirt, wearing their tie, little suitcase by their side. And every day that big white bug would greet me kindly.
“Good day ma’am,” they’d say, and I’d nod, not knowing what to think of them. I know they led armies into battle, commanded battalions to murder tens or hundreds of people. They’re a Centurion, it’s what they do. I tried not to hold it against this one. And I suppose I don’t anymore now. Not after all of this.
I’ve lived in that neighborhood for close to 28 years now. It wasn’t much, but it was mine. Ours. We had a little community, with our barber shop, our grocery store. Kids played on the sidewalks and we tried not to judge. We surely didn’t judge the Centurion. Tried not to. I knew they worked in one of the administrative offices down the road, which explained the suitcase and the tie. And I thought nothing of it. Just another one of us going to work. But we all heard it, that day. My little headset blinked, it beeped. A warning broadcast. I saved it so you can read it.

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Trial and Error; Our First Draft’s Post Mortem

BY bluefalcon_admin

June 28th, 2017

We forgot that the game had to be fun!

You know that moment when you put loads of work and effort into something, and after a while you think “Well, this sucks”? That happened! But before we get into that, let’s start at the beginning.

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Meet the Grenn Funditor

BY bluefalcon_admin

June 14th, 2017

Its volatile payload makes the Funditor a dangerous creature to be around

Two Leggies. There’s always two Leggies by my side. Today, we’re training. I have target practice. We’re out in the fields and there are a few towers they want me to hit. Easy. I ate well today, so I should pack some punch.“4-GS-10, haul one!” one of the Leggies yells. I like how they yell. I face the tower, put my hands down and raise my legs up. The weight on my back is always snug, I like feeling the heat pass through me. I take my time, calculate the angle, staring straight ahead to the tower, and let loose. I feel the surge rush over me and a second or three later, I watch the tower go down in flames as some fluids leak onto my armor.
“Haul TWO!”
I adjust my position, my other legs strafing me a bit. Makes me feel like a turret. I look at the tower, let out a small burp, then I push. The other Leggie snickers.
“Nice one, Ten,” they say as the second tower goes down.
“Thanks, Seven.”
Seven’s always nice to me. But they worry too much.
“Alright buddy, one more. You’ve got this,” they say.
“HAUL THREE!” Eight yells. Last push. Out it goes. I watch the ball fly through the sky and land dead center in the tower, engulfing it in flames.
“Still got it,” I say. I shake my butt a little, can’t drip on the mess hall.
“Nice man!”
“I’ll report in,” says Eight, “and then we can get some lunch.”

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Meet the Grenn Legionnaire

BY bluefalcon_admin

May 31st, 2017

We are Grenn. We do not get to choose. But we do get to change.

The hole in the wall bar was tucked into a narrow alley, only a flickering neon sign betrayed its existence to passerbys. The inside was dimly lit, the air musky and thick with the smell of booze and sick. The Huarangi bartender was scrubbing murky, yellow Shil’Q puke from the bar. It had left a bite in the bar, the acidity having eaten away at it. The bartender cursed, so Jack chuckled to himself. He didn’t need the job, but not being active was worse. It would leave him alone with himself.
“Who’s a good boy?” he asked his Curate. It wagged its sack and curled up in a corner of the bar floor.
“When are you going to stop bringing that thing to work, Jack?” the bartender asked.
“When he dies, Loreng,” Jack replied bluntly.
Loreng made an apologetic gesture, “Alright man. Sorry. You’re the last person I want to start a fight with.”
“I know.”

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BY Aron van der Hoek

May 17th, 2017

So sad that it should come to this!

Hello folks, my name is Aron van der Hoek and I have been your tour-guide through the world of “The Coalition”.

Logan and I have spent many a night geeking out over his ideas for “The Coalition”, and I hope my excitement and enthusiasm was noticeable when writing these blog posts. As the geek that I am, I will continue to help the Blue Falcon team test their game and make sure that you all get an amazing product. But I will no longer be writing these blogs for you guys because my space pod and I will be retiring for some much needed maintenance. I’ll be handing over my duties to the rest of the creative members of Blue Falcon. I have all the faith in their ability to be excellent tour guides for you guys, and their pod is soooo much nicer than mine. Remember to strap in and have fun!

Meet the Shil’Q

BY Aron van der Hoek

May 3rd, 2017

The Shil’Q are a bipedal mammalian species that walk and swing around using their arms rather than legs.

I love my wife. Every day I wake up next to her, her beautiful nostrils flaring at me. I roll out of our hang mat, get into the shower. I get my uniform out, I iron it. Every morning.  
I like looking pristine before I get to work. I take in the glorious smells of the city, staring out the window with my cup of coffee in hand. My two children dart around me.
“Daddy, daddy! Bring us back something nice today!”
I always tell them I will try. I love my children. I’m paid well, the Coalition takes care of us. My wife comes down the spiral, ready to help me with their lunches. I love my wife. I love my children.
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Crash test Dummies

BY Aron van der Hoek

April 19th, 2017

A horrific scraping noise ensued as his finger hooks managed to dig in at the very edge of the roof, his feet dangling off the back of the limousine, pain searing through his hands

The following is a continuation of last week’s devblog click here to catch up on what happened last time.

Now that Zaluth had so brutally interrupted the negotiations I asked my confused players to roll for initiative. They were under the impression that they had them convinced, were in fact, they only had Laura convinced.

Glitch was the first to respond. As the hacker, he immediately tried to look for a way to hack the limousine, rather than fight. Unfortunately, the limousine was tightly locked off. Next up was Raya, who, with a big grin on her face, squared off with Zaluth. As she stabbed at him with her retractable wrist blade, she exclaimed, “FINALLY! Something for ME to do!”
She deftly swiveled out of the way of Dimizir’s deadly horns, while throwing her weight in the opposite direction to dodge Zaluth’s blade. Jax scrambled to get out of the way of the Aikalaymeh’s sword, drew his pistol, took aim and fired. A loud gunshot rang through the cabin, a hole appearing in the ceiling where Zaluth’s head had been a mere moment ago.

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All y’all need some guidance

BY Aron van der Hoek

April 12th, 2017

In preparation of the session, I had read the social chapter and felt like I understood it, but in practice and with hindsight, I would have benefited from a more thorough read through.

Last week, the third alpha test included an actual module for us to play. I was chosen to Guide a group of four other players, Jan-Hein, Rose, Rens and Cesco himself. In preperation, I had read the 5 page handout and made some notes, but I wasn’t sure if I understood the social mechanics well enough. The players were asked to make their own characters and came up with some unique builds. Rose made an Aikalaymeh dodge tank named Raya, for instance, who was focussed on Defense and Dexterity so she’d be really hard to hit. Getting hit would remain a problem for her though. Jan-Hein made a sneaky Orun hacker named Glitch. Rens made a human getaway driver, Ragel, who focussed on piloting and engineering. Lastly, Cesco had built himself a smooth talking high social guy named Jax, a Grenn Videte, or as the others players called it; that creepy bug guy. After Cesco held his introduction talk and my players had finished setting up, it was time to Guide.

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the third time’s the charm

BY Aron van der Hoek

April 5th, 2017

Perhaps most exciting of all, we gave our testers an opportunity to Guide the test sessions for the first time. 

We are happy to say that round 3 of our alpha playtests is coming along nicely.

Based on the findings from the previous two rounds we have streamlined our combat system. We decreased the amount of actions players can take per turn. While this seems limiting at first glance, we have actually noticed from the playtesters’ feedback that this improves the pacing of combat encounters.

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Meet the Aikalaymeh

BY Aron van der Hoek

March 29th, 2017
Modern Aikalaymeh still have a strong tribal nature, remaining loyal to the principles of clan and Kai. An Aikalaymeh without a clan is a rare occurrence.
Berosha Incorporated Labs – 09.05 AM
It’s early. The artificial light shines through the blinds, the various beakers and vials glisten as Rey Ana Hari starts her prep. She gathers her ingredients; some leaves, some powders. She inspects every leaf, cleaning them with what seems to be a small toothbrush. She carefully measures out the little red powder. 115mg for every 200 leaves that go through the Vatmix and Bubble Reactor, binding the powder to the leaves to create her final product. She carefully preps two hundred leaves, brushing them, washing them. She tests some of the residue reactions, making sure the powder is pure. Then she adds all the ingredients to the reactor.“I call it ‘Leave’, because it makes you feel completely external from your body on the dancefloor,” she proudly exclaims.
“That’s awesome, actually, but we can’t go and clean every leaf like that, Rey! It would be much easier to clean the leaves in a chemical vat, evaporate them and create this whole substance as a powder combination in pill form. This just seems counter-intuitive, and a little gross, to be honest,” her Orun coworker argues.
“You would say that! You only ever think about pills! Why are so many people grossed out by natural products?! I’m trying to create a unique experience here, damnit! Each leaf gives a slightly different high, meaning our product will always keep customers coming back. If you process it all chemically, besides insulting my work as a scientist AND as an Aikalaymeh, you’ll also create a uniform experience, meaning people will get bored of it!”

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