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A horrific scraping noise ensued as his finger hooks managed to dig in at the very edge of the roof, his feet dangling off the back of the limousine, pain searing through his hands

The following is a continuation of last week’s devblog click here to catch up on what happened last time.

Now that Zaluth had so brutally interrupted the negotiations I asked my confused players to roll for initiative. They were under the impression that they had them convinced, were in fact, they only had Laura convinced.

Glitch was the first to respond. As the hacker, he immediately tried to look for a way to hack the limousine, rather than fight. Unfortunately, the limousine was tightly locked off. Next up was Raya, who, with a big grin on her face, squared off with Zaluth. As she stabbed at him with her retractable wrist blade, she exclaimed, “FINALLY! Something for ME to do!”
She deftly swiveled out of the way of Dimizir’s deadly horns, while throwing her weight in the opposite direction to dodge Zaluth’s blade. Jax scrambled to get out of the way of the Aikalaymeh’s sword, drew his pistol, took aim and fired. A loud gunshot rang through the cabin, a hole appearing in the ceiling where Zaluth’s head had been a mere moment ago.

Panicked, Glitch decided to climb out the window of the limousine in order to get the car under control. He grabbed onto the side of the car with his cybernetic retractable finger hooks, the gale force winds of the speed of the car nearly ripping him off. He used all his force to make it up onto the roof, struggling all the way. The city barreled past him at a dizzying pace, cars sped by, giving the limousine a wide berth, their drivers confused and startled by the ensuing action. He heard gunshots from inside the limousine, but all he could focus on was getting to the cockpit, to take out Laura and to take control of the car. He clawed to the cockpit, but as he was attempting to unholster his gun, he lost his grip. Violently, he got flung on his back, skidding and rolling down the length of the roof, desperately trying to catch himself. A horrific scraping noise ensued as his finger hooks managed to dig in at the very edge of the roof, his feet dangling off the back of the limousine, pain searing through his hands. Frantically, he tried to get his feet off the tarmac and back onto the car. As soon as he found some footing, he kicked in the remainder of the rear window, hooked his toe hooks into the backseat and slid himself onto it.

Raya was standing over Zaluth, unscathed, while he was bleeding out on the floor. She gleefully shifted her attention to Dimizir, who was equally unscathed and infuriated with the slippery Aikey.
Jax interjected the action, “We have taken out one of your men. Surrender now and the rest will be spared!”
“Don’t listen to them! I’m still standing, just have to get rid of this damn lizard!” Dimizir yelled out, as Glitch slipped past the towering brute unnoticed.
“You heard him! I’m not giving up that easily!” Laura yelled from the cockpit.
Glitch calmly put his gun in her face, “You sure about that?”
Realizing she was beat, she lowered her rifle, “We’re done, Dimizir. Step down.”

They tied up Laura and her cronies, while Ragel took over the limousine’s controls. He quickly realized they had been driving further and further into Larthini territory and took the first available U-turn. Within a few minutes, three speed bikes came closing in on them.
“Guys? I don’t think we’re done yet!” Glitch yelled out, spotting them first.
“I see ‘em! I have an idea. Ragel, get my side close to them!” Raya yelled out, grabbing Zaluth’s sword from its sheath.
“I can do you one better! Get on the right side and strap in tight everybody!”
He let the bikes close in and then slammed on the handbrake, yanking the steering wheel to the left. The massive limousine quickly spun sideways, suddenly occupying three lanes. Raya launched the sword out of the window at one of the bikes. It missed and hit a civilian car, which promptly crashed into the guardrails. The bikers frantically tried to avoid the shards of metal and glass coming off the wreck. The first bike swerved out and slammed into the back of the limousine’s cabin, pulverizing on impact. The next bike, in a violent lurch, landed itself between two of the limousine’s sphere wheels, dislodging them in the process. The last bike veered away from the car crash, lost balance and scraped across the asphalt sideways, lodging itself between the road and the limousine. Various cars continued to crash into the evolving wreckage, swerving and panicking.

The limousine was a broken husk of its former self, its hull caved in, parts of other vehicles penetrating it. Laura and her cronies had no way to respond to the crash, their limp bodies hanging in the backseat, run through with numerous pieces of shrapnel. Bruised, bloodied and broken, the party climbed out of the wreckage. Sirens wailed in the distance, the sound of drones closing in on their location. They quickly found a still-functioning car amidst the pile-up, dragged the unconscious driver out and drove past the pile of mangled vehicles. Severely wounded and utterly disoriented, they made their getaway.
All that remained for them now was evading the law enforcement hot on their heels and finding a safe place to recover from their injuries.

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