Current post: Goodbye!

So sad that it should come to this!

Hello folks, my name is Aron van der Hoek and I have been your tour-guide through the world of “The Coalition”.

Logan and I have spent many a night geeking out over his ideas for “The Coalition”, and I hope my excitement and enthusiasm was noticeable when writing these blog posts. As the geek that I am, I will continue to help the Blue Falcon team test their game and make sure that you all get an amazing product. But I will no longer be writing these blogs for you guys because my space pod and I will be retiring for some much needed maintenance. I’ll be handing over my duties to the rest of the creative members of Blue Falcon. I have all the faith in their ability to be excellent tour guides for you guys, and their pod is soooo much nicer than mine. Remember to strap in and have fun!

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