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“The Coalition” is a harsh and unforgiving universe riddled with inequality and corruption. In order to tell the stories that we feel are central to “The Coalition” we need to address a variety of themes. Last week, for instance, we touched upon themes of dementia and exploitation when we introduced the Wey-Llin. We are well aware that these are complicated and sensitive subjects and we do not take them lightly, therefore we would like to use this post to address a few things.

Science fiction has always been especially good at looking at what is and extrapolating what could be, using this to question and address real world issues. “The Coalition” is no exception to this rule. With it, we aren’t looking to reflect how we believe things should be. Instead, we want to explore both the good and the bad, our fears as well as our hopes for the future. Among the themes contained within “The Coalition” are the following:

♦ Drugs
Class divides
War and PTSD
Body image and gender dysphoria
Questions of ownership and exploitation
 Genetic modification and designer children
Dictatorial government
Law, ethics and rights

These are incredibly nuanced issues that we as Blue Falcon attempt to treat with respect, that doesn’t always mean that the narratives we construct around them within “The Coalition” will be respectful or nuanced. In short: “bad things happen to good people.”

Roleplaying games are an exercise of empathy as well as wit, with them we explore places and experiences foreign to us. We walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes these walks are easy, other times they are difficult or even painful but often they teach us valuable lessons about ourselves. In order to create a game where this is possible we need to represent a diverse range of perspectives that we ourselves do not necessarily possess or agree with. We are always looking to further expand our insight into issues beyond our own frame of reference searching out new views, ideologies, experiences in the process.

The stories detailing the aliens you can play in our game are descriptive rather than prescriptive. Meaning that they describe only one possible character or situation based on each of these species. They are not blueprints that you must adhere to when you’re creating your own characters and stories. And while we love telling you our stories of the Coalition, ultimately it is entirely up to you what stories you want to tell within this dark and corrupt universe. 

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