Current post: Meet the Wey-Llin

The Wey-Llin can grow up to a maximum of six meters tall, at which point they will have completely lost their mental faculties, ultimately reverting to an animalistic state.

Jalgot took his spot behind the console, as he did everyday, and turned to his assistant manager.
“Please tell me Crane 9 is done with repairs?”
“Yup, got the report from the gearheads right here,” he said while swiping the file to him.
“Good, that should let us get back to full operating capacity then, finally,” the Shil’Q exclaimed annoyedly as he typed the command into his console. The rhythmic droning of machinery became more intense, the production speed picking up. It slowed down again mere moments later.
“Oh, come ON! Work with me here!” Jalgot exclaimed at his console, bending over and retyping the command.
“Hey, erm, boss?” his assistant spoke, pointing at a comfeed monitor, “I don’t think the problem is mechanical.”
Looking at the monitor, Jalgot could clearly see the crane come to life. After a minute or so, the towering three meter tall figure of a Wey-Llin lumbered into view and pressed the emergency shutdown button, after which she proceeded to do Crane 9’s work. Jalgot sighed deeply and hit his com button.
“Boss? The Wey-Llin at assembly line 9 is refusing to step aside for the crane.”
“I know. I’m WATCHING HER. RIGHT. NOW!” the boss yelled over the coms, “Do you think she passed the mark, Jalgot?”
“I do, boss.”
“Then call the wranglers, mate.”

“Fucker was happy enough to use her for cheap labor in this shit hole,” one of the Yar-Llin wranglers gestured around angrily at the loud and filthy assembly hall.
“Right! And now, because of his mess, we have to deport one of our own,” a young Wey-Llin replied.
“No, Terrab, we’re transporting her to a resort where she can live a healthy and carefree life.” The other Yar-Llin interjects, “I know you’re angry, but our priority right now is Berya’s wellbeing. So keep calm and be ready, the manager said she’s already a bit on edge.”
As the group approached Berya she was still doing crane 9’s work, all the while repeatedly muttering the five curses and obscenities she still knew at her Shil’Q boss.
“Hello Berya? My name is Garashten and I’d like to talk to you. Could you please put down the crate for a moment?”
The gigantic Llin paused for a second, “Can’t talk. Working,” before continuing right on.
“I’m sorry, but you can’t work here anymore,” said the other Yar-Llin, “You’ve grown too big.”
“You have to come with us, Berya,” one of the Wey-Llin added.
Berya looked at the group and cocked her head.
“Can work here. See?” and she proceeded to put another crate on the assembly line.
“I know, dear. But you have to. We promise we will take you to a nice place.”
“Don’t have to. This place nice.”
One of the Wey-Llin wranglers stepped forward, “Look. In a few years I will be where you are. I won’t think so clearly and I won’t ‘get’ a lot of ‘stuff’. Too many words will confuse me. But I’ll remember that I’ll have to leave. You know you do too. I know it’s hard for you to accept…” The other Wey-Llin nodded in agreement.
“I… think clearly,” Berya said calmly, “and…” she inhaled sharply, “I NOT CONFUSED!” she bellowed, swinging a gigantic arm at one of the Yar-Llin wranglers.

The Llin were a tribal species before being discovered by the Coalition. Individual tribes were led by a spiritual leader, a Gai-Llin, and their council of elders, all Yar-Llin. When the Coalition did show up, not even the smartest Yar-Llin and wisest Gai-Llin could comprehend the reality of the situation. To the Llin the Coalition’s ships, harvesting Wey-Llin, appeared as gods coming down from the heavens, carrying their brethren off for a greater calling.

Due to the Coalition’s mistaken assumption that Kaynta’Lla did not host sentient life the planet was aggressively harvested for its resources. With the Wey-Llin utilized for their size and strength they became a cornerstone of the Coalition’s military might for centuries to come.

Shortly after the Sunithan war and the Neyf’s integration into the Coalition, the Neyf recognized the Wey-Llin as a sentient species and spearheaded the Llin liberation movement.
Not long after this the Llin Freedom Act became a reality and the Llin were integrated into the Coalition. Wey-Llin integration proved more troublesome than anticipated, since the Coalition had many thousands of them in service. Many of these Wey-Llin had grown too large, and had lost the capability to function within an unicity, posing a great risk to the unicity infrastructure and its inhabitants. In response, the Coalition instituted a policy stating that any Wey-Llin over the three meter mark has to be relocated to special resorts.

Why? Because contrary to the Yar-Llin, the Wey-Llin get hit with a surge of testosterone when they reach sexual maturity. When this happens it kickstarts an ongoing process of accelerated muscle and bone growth. While this process makes the Wey-Llin extraordinarily strong and healthy, allowing them to live up to the age of 200, it also causes neural atrophy, or the slow degradation of the brain. Thanks to this process the Wey-Llin can grow up to a maximum of six meters tall, at which point they will have completely lost their mental faculties, ultimately reverting to an animalistic state.

Currentday Wey-Llin are a proud people, working as anything from muscle-for-hire to business owners, depending on their economic standing. Due to their history, the Wey-Llin collectively refuse to enlist for the army or any official Coalition protective service, such as the police. Most Wey-Llin freely accept that they will have to relocate to a resort when they reach the three meter mark. Some choose to go on pilgrimage to Kaynta’Lla, where there is limited space, while others save up their whole lives for a resort of their choosing. The relocation of Wey-Llin is arranged solely by the representatives of the Llin embassies.



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