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This picture was TOTALLY taken during the actual session

Rain. It’s always raining. We never get a break from the gross filth and rain here on Sub-3, the overgrowth creeping into every crevice, Sub-2 always leaking down on us. I had just gotten back from a stake-out, soaked to the bone and in desperate need of a drink, when I found a little Yar-Llin waiting outside my office.
“I… I need your help, mister Gleb.” he muttered quietly. I ushered him into my office and offered him a drink, one I was having myself after this day. He proceeds to tell me a story about his parents. How they were randomly murdered by street thugs. I mused to him about the crime rates in the Coalition, which didn’t impress him nor changed his overblown feelings on the subject.

“I killed them, mister Gleb. I took…” he gulped some tears down, “…took revenge, righteous revenge. I got myself smuggled to Proleon-4, in a box! Please help me, I’ve got nothing left.”

The guy was full of it. Attempting to play me for a sympathetic fool. So, I let him. I made sure that my cop friend, a massive Sunithan named Aglaya Morva, tagged him leaving my office. This registered his presence on Proleon-4, allowing him access to his MARKET account again. I’d check in on him later, I thought to myself.

Speaking of Aglaya, she told me she went to the Funcom specialty area on a tip. After being held up by the usual Wey-Llin guard, she got to talk to an anthropomorph prostitute named Gigi. The tip said that Funcom was holding people against their will, that they were once again keeping slaves, which Gigi apparently verified to officer Morva. Can’t have that kind of stuff in the Dubs. Not in MY Dubs.

The next day, I found myself in the Dormant Sun, a bar on the outskirts of Wast-Bardagoon, attempting to get info out of Shazar’s boys and waiting for the lizard himself. I sipped my drink and enjoyed the sway of Hirizh’s luscious hips when Istrazhik A Shazar swaggered in. He beelined to his brother, clearly having noticed me. Always the same with Aikeys, always a little disrespectful, like an annoyed teenager. After a bit he finally came my way.

“Sup, BG?”

“I need you to check on a Yar-Llin for me, Shazar,” I wasn’t here for his idle chatter and gave him the only info I had, which was his name, Hardai Suntar, “Find him, then get back to me.”

A few hours later, I got a message from Shazar, saying he found him. I asked him if it all seemed safe. After he tried to reassure me with some Aikey posturing, I decided he could use some back-up, just in case. I called Kiefer.

Having a Grenn on the phone is always a little different. But Kiefer? Kiefer is straight to the point. He wanted to know how many targets, what kind of resistance, he could or should expect. According to a conversation with Shazar later, Kiefer was armed to the teeth and utterly terrifying. And considering “the Horns” showed up to trash the place, it sounded like I had made the right decision in giving Shazar some backup.

I met up with officer Morva at the Dormant Sun. Something about that bar felt right. It was unmonitored, but it wasn’t a bad place, like most unmonitored bars. Not all bars have that… feeling that you need from them. Simultaneously homely and off-putting, although having the Istrazhik clan run it sure helped make it feel more homely than off-putting. Aglaya, however, was clearly being side-eyed by the Aikalaymeh group. I hadn’t thought about that, about having the local beat cop sit in the local crime clan den. I’d been playing mediator between the two for months now, without them ever dealing with each other. Aglaya, decidedly uncomfortable, transferred Hardai Suntar’s file to me and asked me what I was going to do about the situation at Funcom.

“Can you get me a raid on the place?” I asked.

“Can you get me evidence so I can get you a raid?” Aglaya grumped at me.

As I was struggling to give her an answer, my group of derelicts walked in. Led by Shazar’s usual ‘I own the place’ swagger, with Kiefer and Hardai trailing behind him.

“I can, yes,” I replied, pointing at the group. Aglaya groaned.

I left Aglaya hunched over her glass and made my way towards Shazar, but noticed his brother, Luzhuk, quickly whispering something to Shazar before I arrived.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Well, you brought a beat cop into our bar, Detective B. Not cool.”

“Fuck your cool. That beat cop has been making sure, amongst many other things here in the Dubs, that your illegitimate businesses are still operating, and that none of the Istrazhiks are in jail. So offer her a drink and relax.”

Shazar immediately ran off to one of his boys, undoubtedly upset at getting caught in the first place, as I decided to hold a similar speech to Luzhuk. He wasn’t very happy with me, but he conceded to keep allowing officer Morva in the Dormant Sun. I went over to Hardai, as I had gotten some info on my visor that street cams had flagged his location several times. Shazar came back and offered Hardai some space to crash at the bar upon hearing this.

“Can you hack?” I asked the Yar-Llin, making a gross speciest assumption.

“I… can, yes.”

“Good. I’m going to need you three to do something for me.”

Before sending anyone to Funcom, it seemed wise to go check Aglaya’s proof myself and talk to Gigi.

A few uncomfortable flirtations later, I found myself sitting opposite a young girl with bright pink hair and pointy Neyf-like ears. For the cameras, I made sure I was interested, that I was enjoying her company, the way you see humans portray it on their dramatic television shows. As soon as I got her in a private chatroom, I got down to business.

“My plan is to get some of my associates in here, take out the cameras, get one of you to tell us the truth of what’s going on here and get a police raid going, freeing you all,” I told her.

“A police raid? That’s not… I have plans, Detective Gleb. Plans the law will get in the way of.”

“Then you stay away from the law, we’ll make sure of that. I’ll help you get whatever revenge you need and want,” I chuckled to myself, “it wouldn’t be the first time.”

And thus concludes the first chapter of our first in-house campaign. We look forward to sharing more of these stories the more we play.

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