Current post: Meet the Yar-Llin

The Yar-Llin have a highly developed brain at the detriment of their physical development.

Oh for the love of Surafim” Boreus mumbled to himself as he walked into the office. The Barnaby Boys had sent him to ‘negotiate’ with an overly ambitious mob boss who had been poaching territory from their client. Entering the office, Boreus felt as if he had walked into a bad noir thriller. The space was dimly lit, with neon lights streaming through slitted shutters, and the Yar-Llin in question sat calmly, facing the door, behind a comically large desk.

“I take it that you’re Tezachi Goban,” Boreus opened.
“Indeed, do make yourself at home,” Tezachi remarked drily, gesturing at one of the chairs opposite of him.

“Don’t act so smug you furball! Your security team isn’t coming to save you.”
“Ah, so you took them out then? Excellent, I had them slotted for retirement and you just saved me the trouble. Now I suggest you take that chair, as we have a lot to talk about. Boreus.”
“How do you know my name? Actually, fuck it, that doesn’t matter. I’m here now to…”
“To threaten me and to convince me to stop poaching your clients territory, I am aware,” Tezachi interrupted, “However, I have a different proposition for you”
“I don’t take orders from you!”
“Then I suggest you start. Now sit your ass down and listen! Your name is Boreus Kezach from the Barnaby Boys of the 13th, you are a small time lieutenant and you’ve worked for the Barnaby Boys  for 7 years. In that time you’ve skimmed roughly 75.000 credits from their operations. Are you listening yet?” Borius reluctantly sat down in the chair Tezachi indicated.
“Good. You work for me now, unless of course you would like me to contact your superiors?”

Boreus shifted uncomfortably in the chair.
“That was not a rhetorical question, Boreus.”
“I don’t want that,” he replied, mumbling.
“Alright, then I think we may just have an understanding. So, for now, just get back to your superiors and tell them I caved. I’ll contact you with instructions when I have some use for you.”
Borius angrily nodded and got up to leave the office.

“Oh and for fucks sake clean up the mess you made out there!” Tezachi yelled after him.

A few millenia ago the Llin were discovered on the icy planet of Kaynta’Lla where they lived in tribal communities. Initially the Coalition only encountered the large counterpart to the Yar-Llin; the Wey-Llin, and assumed they were mindless animals. They started harvesting the Wey-Llin for their military force, largely breeding out the Yar-Llin. The Neyf opposed this (somewhat) accidental slavery, finally allowing the Llin to join the Coalition as citizens. The Yar-Llin have a highly developed brain at the detriment of their physical development. This makes them very intelligent and a little bitter over their history.

In the present society of the Coalition the Yar-Llins are highly capable businessmen, scientists and teachers due to their intelligence. Motivated by their history of exploitation, a good number of Yar-Llin will, however, also choose to get into politics and criminal activities. Respectively, to either prevent any further such violations or alternatively, out of spite and a perceived right to retribution. Regardless of their occupation, the Yar-Llin are very ambitious and will use their intelligence and cunning to get ahead of everyone else. Despite their diminutive stature it is never advisable to draw the ire of a Yar-Llin.

Next week find out what happens when the criminal underground meets our bleeding heart detective Blarean, as we’ll be starting the recaps of our in-house long form campaign!

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