BY Aron van der Hoek

March 22nd, 2017

“The Coalition” is a harsh and unforgiving universe riddled with inequality and corruption. In order to tell the stories that we feel are central to “The Coalition” we need to address a variety of themes. Last week, for instance, we touched upon themes of dementia and exploitation when we introduced the Wey-Llin. We are well aware that these are complicated and sensitive subjects and we do not take them lightly, therefore we would like to use this post to address a few things.

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Meet the Wey-Llin

BY Aron van der Hoek

March 15th, 2017

The Wey-Llin can grow up to a maximum of six meters tall, at which point they will have completely lost their mental faculties, ultimately reverting to an animalistic state.

Jalgot took his spot behind the console, as he did everyday, and turned to his assistant manager.
“Please tell me Crane 9 is done with repairs?”
“Yup, got the report from the gearheads right here,” he said while swiping the file to him.
“Good, that should let us get back to full operating capacity then, finally,” the Shil’Q exclaimed annoyedly as he typed the command into his console. The rhythmic droning of machinery became more intense, the production speed picking up. It slowed down again mere moments later.
“Oh, come ON! Work with me here!” Jalgot exclaimed at his console, bending over and retyping the command.
“Hey, erm, boss?” his assistant spoke, pointing at a comfeed monitor, “I don’t think the problem is mechanical.”
Looking at the monitor, Jalgot could clearly see the crane come to life. After a minute or so, the towering three meter tall figure of a Wey-Llin lumbered into view and pressed the emergency shutdown button, after which she proceeded to do Crane 9’s work. Jalgot sighed deeply and hit his com button.
“Boss? The Wey-Llin at assembly line 9 is refusing to step aside for the crane.”
“I know. I’m WATCHING HER. RIGHT. NOW!” the boss yelled over the coms, “Do you think she passed the mark, Jalgot?”
“I do, boss.”
“Then call the wranglers, mate.”

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Welcome to the Dubs

BY Aron van der Hoek

March 1st, 2017

This picture was TOTALLY taken during the actual session

Rain. It’s always raining. We never get a break from the gross filth and rain here on Sub-3, the overgrowth creeping into every crevice, Sub-2 always leaking down on us. I had just gotten back from a stake-out, soaked to the bone and in desperate need of a drink, when I found a little Yar-Llin waiting outside my office.
“I… I need your help, mister Gleb.” he muttered quietly. I ushered him into my office and offered him a drink, one I was having myself after this day. He proceeds to tell me a story about his parents. How they were randomly murdered by street thugs. I mused to him about the crime rates in the Coalition, which didn’t impress him nor changed his overblown feelings on the subject.

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Meet the Yar-Llin

BY Aron van der Hoek

February 22nd, 2017

The Yar-Llin have a highly developed brain at the detriment of their physical development.

Oh for the love of Surafim” Boreus mumbled to himself as he walked into the office. The Barnaby Boys had sent him to ‘negotiate’ with an overly ambitious mob boss who had been poaching territory from their client. Entering the office, Boreus felt as if he had walked into a bad noir thriller. The space was dimly lit, with neon lights streaming through slitted shutters, and the Yar-Llin in question sat calmly, facing the door, behind a comically large desk.

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Introducing: Thomas van Halteren, the intern

BY Aron van der Hoek

February 15th, 2017

“I love dreaming up crazy characters from a roleplaying perspective, or finding a niche overlap between options which results in a mechanically interesting character.”

“My name is Thomas and I am a 3rd-year student at Game Design & Development (Hanze Hogeschool). I specialize in Design and thus will be working on “The Coalition” gameplay.”
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Move that thang!

BY Aron van der Hoek

February 8th, 2017

As you may well know Blue Falcon moved offices, alongside with Indietopia, to Lübeckweg 2, Groningen. Indietopia now occupies the 3rd floor of the old “Dagblad van het Noorden” building. Some of the newspaper’s departments still remain in the building creating a multidisciplinary network within the building.

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Happy 2017!

BY Aron van der Hoek

January 18th, 2017

“Hey don’t judge! The planet I’m on has 384 hour days so it’s technically still new year’s morning!”

Happy new year and welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a pleasant start of the new year! We have taken full advantage of our time off and are getting back to work fully recharged and with renewed enthusiasm!

The main order of the month will be moving offices, alongside with Indietopia, to the old “Dagblad van het Noorden” building on Lübeckweg 2, Groningen. We are very much looking forward to our continued work with Indietopia at our new office! But first we need to move. In light of that we will not fully resume our  dev blogs until we have finished moving. In the meantime we will post quick updates to keep you informed about important or exciting developments. Or to bother you.

The holidays are upon us, run for your lives!

BY Aron van der Hoek

December 14th, 2016

A lot happened at Blue Falcon since we started this dev blog in September.
We’ve successfully wrapped up our first round of playtesting, and recently kicked off the second. Our building became pink over night, including some of our windows. And our own Ite Teune became a proud father! And we’re excited to continue, going the extra mile as per usual, but even we need a moment to catch our breath. That said and with the upcoming holidays in mind, we’re taking a break from our regular dev blog schedule.

We plan to be back in January with new dev blogs, more pictures and more explanations.  Until then, from everyone here at Blue Falcon, we wish you all a joyous holiday season and a festive start to 2017!

This was a triumph!

BY Aron van der Hoek

December 7th, 2016

Dice rolls!

For instance, some of our aliens are particularly large and strong, so a question that came up was how one would flip a car. Turns out, we had no rules set for that!

We have started our second round of alpha testing!

Several months ago, we had our first set of core rules finished and went on our first round of testing. We were very confident we had a great system and after about a month, we realized…

We didn’t! That is to say, some of our mechanics didn’t work together as nicely as we expected, some of our rules were unclear, and several parts of our gameplay clearly needed more thought.

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On flamingo wrangling and pizza…

BY Aron van der Hoek

November 30th, 2016


Blue Falcon, in turn, has been very lucky to be able to join Indietopia on that adventure.

Last week we talked a little about how great our city, Groningen, is and how part of that is due to the great start-up scene. A start-up scene that we’re part of, thanks to Indietopia as our incubator. And as is usually the case, all good things must come to an end. And thankfully, it’s not our partnership, but our building!

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